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Virtual Events Unplugged


Thinking about running an online event and don’t know where to start? This episode of Revenue Optimization Radio has you covered. We spoke to Richard King from the Product Marketing Alliance about their seven-day online event, the tech stack needed to make it happen, and festival hangovers.

About Sean's guest:

Richard founded Product Marketing Alliance to disrupt existing product marketing research, education, and events organisations by pioneering a new community-driven content and learning proposition for PMMs and their teams. 

The community consists of over 20,000 product marketing professionals from the world’s leading companies including Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, Drift, HubSpot, Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, Atlassian to name a few.

As CEO, he leads the company’s vision of elevating the product marketing profession into a consistent driver of profitable and sustainable growth. The business is the first of its kind within the product marketing discipline, re-inventing the way practitioners learn - from each other.

The Continuous Category Creation Challenge


Alliterative titles, podcast hosting envy, and redefining categories were just some of the things covered with our guest Patrick Morrissey, SVP of the Enterprise Sales & Marketing Cloud at Upland Software. He documents the journey of creating a category in 2019 and how that has evolved into something bigger since Upland Software acquired Altify. Enterprises find it extremely difficult to adapt and develop new categories, and we delve into how Patrick plans to avoid that trap. Patrick is the former host of Revenue Optimization Radio and an incredible speaker on all things Revenue, so you do not want to miss this episode.

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Building and Scaling OEM Sales Orgs and Strategic Sales Forces


In this special edition of Revenue Optimization Radio, Patrick Morrissey highlights two previous interviews. In this first half, we catch up with Patrick rushing through the airport talking with Ryan Begin from Salesforce - also on the go. We love the portability of podcasts. There's a bit of signal fluctuation between airports, but you'll want to listen carefully to Ryan as he tells us the 8 steps required to hire, build and scale an OEM sales model to deliver revenue.

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The Expansion Sale


"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both.” The choice that faces companies today is a similar one faced by Robert Frost in ‘The Road Not Taken.’ Do they take the road most traveled and chase new customers, or should they take the less-traveled route and expand in existing accounts? 80% of companies surveyed by my guest Tim Reisterer from Corporate Visions, spend 70% of their sales & marketing budget on demand gen, content & sales enablement. That leaves only 30% for retention and expansion activities. In a remote-only world, new customer acquisition is challenging, so organizations need to focus on how they can expand in existing accounts. Tim outlines the five-step ‘why evolve’ model from his book ‘The Expansion Sale’ and the role of Customer Success as ‘Value Communicators.’ He is also giving away a free copy of ‘The Expansion Sale’ to one of our listeners. Listen in to find out how to win.  

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Focus on Sales Enablement with Jim Lundy and Doug Landis


Today is a special episode focusing on sales enablement with three experts starting with our host, Patrick Morrissey. In the first half, Patrick interviews Aragon Research CEO Jim Lundy about the increasingly important topic of sales enablement.  Lundy tells us about the weaknesses and falsehoods that are unknowingly crippling a large number of B2B firms. One thought that you’ll hear again and again is, “And they don’t even know it.”  This program is filled with ways to fix what you don’t know is dragging down company revenue. Original episode is here >

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The Pace Race – Optimizing Energy in Times of Crisis


What do you get when you combine Elvis, Rocket Science, and Latin phraseology? A fascinating insight into how to manage your energy in an unprecedented crisis, that’s what. Everyone wants a seat on a rocket ship but you cannot make smart decisions when you are exhausted. My guest on the show is Sophie Devonshire is the CEO of The Caffeine Partnership and the author of the best seller ‘Superfast: Lead at Speed’. She outlines the importance of the 3 E’s: Energy, Empathy and Editing in managing your pace, how to generate cosmic velocity without hitting Max Q, and the meaning of citius et melius.

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Triple Threat to Triple Opportunity


1990’s WWF, triple threats, podcast inside baseball and Content-Based Networking. When you have the host of a hit B2B podcast on the show you know you are going to cover some varied ground. My guest on the show this week is Logan Lyles, Director of Partnerships at Sweetfish Media and the co-host of both the B2B Sales Show and B2B Growth podcasts. We talked about how Content-Based Networking is the triple threat where the host, the contributor and the listener all win. He outlines why podcasts should be the foundation of an organisation's content strategy spawning blogs, webinars, press articles, videos and more.

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Customer Lifecycle: The Honest Truth


Sellers when they first approach new customers will generally sell a utopian vision of what a product can do. There will be no mention of bumps in the road, but the road to transforming an organisation through software is seldom smooth. Our guest on the show Moe Goodman, Senior Director of Sales Enablement at Centurylink, expects vendors who knock on his door, to give the honest truth of what the end to end journey will look like. He also outlines why that is a competitive differentiator and how his sellers are using radical candour in their selling motion. In the second half of the show, he redefines the carrot and stick approach to sales enablement. A show you cannot afford to miss.  

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Scaling Your Enterprise Sales Organisation


One of the key barriers to consistent business growth, is an organisation's ability to successfully scale an enterprise sales team. In this chat with Richard Scheig, Global Head of Sales, Revenue Optimization BU at Upland Software we break down the keys to doing just that. Listen in to find out the 5 step process he uses to successfully onboard and empower his enterprise sellers. We also discuss why having a great product offering is key to Account Executive retention and how Upland Software is responding to the challenges of Covid-19.

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Sustaining Sales Momentum in an M&A World


Organisations who grow to 53,000 employees and tens of billions of market capitalization rarely get there without significant mergers and acquisitions. FIS Global who acquired payments powerhouse Worldpay in 2019 is a great example of this. While expanding the product set is a boon for sellers, getting them up to speed on new offerings is a major challenge for sales leaders. In this chat with Garrett Clifford the General Manager of Worldpay Ireland, we discuss how a consistent sales methodology helps to sustain forward momentum in organisations. Listen in to hear how FIS Global has grown revenue by 21% and why the current global pandemic is likely to speed up the death of cash.

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