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How to Build the Next Generation of Sales Leaders

Andy Paul is Patrick Morrisseys guest on Revenue Optimization Radio

As more and more sales leaders are looking to build their next-generation of B2B sales leaders vs. recruit outside high priced talent, it raises the question of what’s required to build and grow a sustainable sales education program. To get the inside scoop we reached out to Andy Paul, executive sales coach, speaker, author and host of one of the top sales podcasts, Accelerate with Andy Paul, to get his insights.

Having interviewed more than 700 guests and built his career in sales and sales leadership, Andy shares why he thinks building connection and relationships are critical to sales success, why speed is the enemy in getting reps up to speed and why talking small steps to enable on-going sales education must be the focus to drive result and build a high performing revenue team. Andy also shares his go-to qualification criteria for when he works with a client and gives simple and practice advice for sales leaders to help their teams improve.


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