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ABM – It’s a strategy, not a tool or tactic.


In this special episode, two of Patrick's previous guests are highlights on the same topic of  ABM – It’s a strategy, not a tool or tactic. The first half features Nipul Chokshi and after the break we'll hear from Paul Ross. We hope you enjoy this episode.

Some points covered include Nipul stating that ultimately, "account-based marketing and B2B marketing are going to be synonymous at some point, because the idea behind account-based marketing is all about, number one, getting aligned with sales around what target accounts you want to go after, and then engaging those target accounts in an omnichannel way using very personalized messaging. Then third, just being able to kind of measure the impact. Not measure the impact in terms of volume of leads but in terms of pipeline generated within your target accounts."

Paul Ross gave his positioning on ABM as well including, "I think a big part of this challenge is, is how much of these platforms and technologies really rely upon you having the right data, and the data at scale? Being a technology marketer, you want to get to the right people at the right time. But at the same time, we're facing equally the reality that most of these systems are really only focused on or suitable for large-scale audiences."

Tune in to hear both of these highlights. The original full episodes are here:

Building an ABM Strategy Using Data and ABM - Complete Bullsh*t or the Key to Sales and Marketing Alignment



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ABM – Complete Bullsh*t or the Key to Sales and Marketing Alignment


Today the answer to all issues big and small across sales and marketing is more account-based marketing – ABM. In this episode, I sit down with Paul Ross to explore the myth and the reality of ABM and what role account-based marketing and selling play in building scale…and getting sales and marketing on the same page.

About our guest, Paul Ross:

Paul brings 20 years of making things happen for organizations through marketing. He has helped scale the performance of businesses large and small, including Microsoft’s data center management portfolio, Alteryx’s data blending and analytics, and Business Objects business intelligence. He has a passion for disrupting established business models. Currently, he is SVP Marketing at Sentieo, the leading financial research platform.

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