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8 Steps for a Great Kick-Off

February 7, 2020


In this episode of Revenue Optimization Radio Patrick Morrissey is happy to share the eight steps to a great kick-off. Listen to this episode to get the details and take notes. Here are the eight steps simplified:

  1. Kick-off is not just sales – it’s the whole revenue team
  2. Edutainment – Inspire, educate, entertain
  3. It’s about the customer stupid – Feature your customer and have them on stage
  4. Turn deal reviews into customer journey discussions
  5. Make it interactive – not just talking at people
  6. Kick-off should be part of the training plan and skills building – and it should be in the app
  7. Make sure RKO objectives and training are part of monthly updates and QBRs with measurement/tracking
  8. Ask for feedback – and action it!


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