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Category Creation – A Strategy for Competitive Advantage

October 2, 2019


How to build market share and dominate a market? One of the critical components to building a differentiated long term value proposition and brand is to create and own your own category – and own it. In this episode, we speak with Positive CEO and category creator and advisor Paul Maher to discover what it means to create a category and why it’s important to help your salespeople sell and position value. Paul's insights and experience come from having held senior marketing and communications roles at category leaders including Scient, Mercury Interactive, HP and VMWare before starting his own consulting firm.

Paul gets into the details of why owning a category is key to sustained success and why the foundation of category creation is knowing the problem your company solves and being able to articulate it in a new or unique way. Paul outlines a playbook for category success and shares his insights on why the category is the difference between good selling and great sales interactions.


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