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Empathy is Good for You and the Bottom Line in Business.

November 26, 2019


Empathy, easier in theory than in practice. How do we want to be seen, approachable, empathetic, sincere? Empathy is not just something nice for society, but it's good for business. It has a huge impact on the bottom line. Maria Ross defines empathy as being willing and able to see, understand and where appropriate, feel, another person's perspective and then act compassionately.

What if the competitive advantage for your team is no in your technology or product, but already exists in your people? We’re talking about the power of empathy as the key to personal and business success. In this episode, we talk to Maria Ross about her new book, The Empathy Edge to better understand the role of empathy in personal and professional success. We get into the details about what empathy is, how it sparks innovation, customer connection and how it enables improved sales performance. We get into the details to understand the competitive advantages of empathy and what to do in order to raise your empathy game now.


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