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Why 72% of Account Planning Initiatives Fail - Helen Harwood Podcast

August 20, 2019


Customer Revenue Optimization is about delivering value for customers, which presents opportunities to upsell and cross-sell, but most companies miss the mark on upselling. According to new research from Gartner, 72% of organizations fail to execute account planning initiatives.

In this episode, Helen Harwood of Harwood Partners LLC, shares her insights on strategies to bring effective account planning to any organization and avoid the failure that dogs other companies. 

About Harwood Partners, LLC

Harwood Partners supports sales organizations to maximize revenue capture through the right combination of technology, skills, and focus. The company collaborates with sales leaders to manage their most important accounts and close their most important deals. Sales performance results include more qualified opportunities in the pipeline, higher win rates and revenue growth in major accounts.

Partnered with Altify (formerly the TAS Group) we are able to offer a powerful combination of sales best practices leveraged by the innovative Altify sales platform native in SFDC. Clients are enabled to consistently accelerate revenue growth as their sales teams adopt a more professional level of selling.

Capabilities include: Account Management, Opportunity Management, Sales Performance Automation, CRM, Sales Process Improvement, Sales Training and Business Strategy.


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